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 Cystitis during pregnancy (For symptoms and risk factors see cystitis in women’s health)

What is the risk of a urine infection when you are pregnant?

Although it is not common but urine infection may lead to kidney infection. This infection might make you very ill and lead to a labor before your expected day which might effect on your baby size and health. The problem is the kidney infection may happen even if you don’t have symptoms for this reason doctors take urine infection seriously during pregnancy.

Urine checks during pregnancy
Routine urine test early in pregnancy is highly recommended, if any bacteria found have to be treated with antibiotic whether you have symptoms or you don’t have any, furthermore you have to repeat urine test regularly during your pregnancy. .

What is the treatment of a urine infection during pregnancy?


A seven-day course of antibiotics is the usual treatment. Remember you have to complete your course of antibiotic even if you feel better in few days. Your doctor will choose a safe antibiotic which will not harm your baby

Your doctor will repeat the urine test after you complete the course of the antibiotic to make sure the bacteria have gone


Tylenol is safe for pain, discomfort, or fever

Drink lots of fluid.

Although no evidence behind that including cranberry juice but some women feel better when they take them.

It is better if you drink water when you don’t have symptoms to prevent the infection


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